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The Folio 4.7 Product Suite

The Folio 4.7 publishing suite consists of four proven products that work together to create a comprehensive electronic publishing solution.

Folio Views® — An intuitive, full-featured Windows client application that gives users all the tools they need to find, organize, and annotate large collections of information.

Folio® Builder — A collection of tools that simplify and automate the process of converting, compiling, and editing information from many different sources to create one searchable and secure Folio lnfobase.

Folio® Publisher — Software that makes it easy for professional publishers to package and sell information titles, a full-featured Folio Views client, and a redistribution license on CD-ROM or DVD.

Folio® Integrator — A software developer’s kit that allows corporations and publishers to build customized interfaces, develop specialized capabilities, and integrate Folio technology into existing systems and applications.